Welder Job

Business Unit:  Operations
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Job Type:  Addition
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Job Purpose / Objective

Performs maintenance and fabrication welding. 

Key Accountabilities 1

  • Responsible for general fabrication and repair work that requires welding or torch cutting.
  • Works closely with mechanical and electrical section in the location.
  • Performs maintenance of welding tools, leads and cutting hose.
  • Conducts operations in a safe manner according to ADC policies and procedures.
  • Observes proper rig operating procedures, noting unsafe practices.
  • Plays an active part in QHSE meetings, tool box meetings, the TQM program and all other company safety management systems.
  • Proficient for STOP for employees and uses its techniques.
  • Trained by the Chief Mechanic to perform emergency duties in the power plant and other parts of the rig.
  • Should be fully familiar with the hazards and risks associated with welding and works accordingly.
  • Proficient in firefighting and knows the location of the nearest firefighting equipment every time he works with flames or sparks.
  • Will not weld any lifting equipment or load bearing equipment without following procedures.
  • Fabricates and fits equipment, structures, tools, etc.
  • Maintains supply of oxygen and acetylene tanks.
  • Operating welding machines that use variety of welding processes such as gus or arc welding.
  • Determines the required tools materials for welding.
  • Inspect welds after they been completed.
  • Perform other duties as requested by supervisor such as; cleaning work site. 

Key Accountabilities 2

Key Accountabilities 3

Relevant Experience/ Skills – Minimum

  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in welding.
  • Must have knowledge and skills of ship repair, pipe fitting fabrication. 
  • Able to read drawings, weld stainless and other alloy steels.
  • Excellent communication skills.



Job Segment: Power Plant Operator, Supply, Electrical, Power Plant, Energy, Operations, Engineering