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Rig Superintendent Job

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Shift Type:  Clerical Staff
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Job Purpose / Objective

Manages company's interest at the rig site in respect to our clients, the well program and all personnel on board the rig. 

Key Accountabilities 1

QHSE Responsibilities:

  • Acts as the man in charge (MIC) for the safety of all personnel on the rig and in the rig camp.
  • Manages rig operations in a safe manner according to ADC policies and procedures.
  • Observes proper rig operating procedures, noting unsafe practices.
  • Plays an active part in QHSE meetings, tool box meetings, the TQM program and all other company safety management systems.
  • Is proficient in STOP for supervisors and uses its techniques. Promotes the use of STOP for employees to the personnel under his supervision.
  • Ensures the crews are trained in emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Ensures that rig specific QHSE procedures are published and known by all.
  • Ensures that exemption forms are completed and approved as required.
  • Ensures the implementation & reporting of the HSE database.
  • Ensures the rig operations are conducted in accordance with ADC policies and procedures.
  • Ensures that all ADC and ADC subcontracted personnel attend the relevant safety meetings for their position and furthermore plan an active part in these meetings.


  • Supervise drilling.  
  • Organize and supervise casing and cementing operations.
  • Organize and supervise tests of the well.
  • Supervise use and operation of BOP and other associated equipment. 
  • Supervise out of the ordinary drilling operations such as : Coring, Fishing, Working stuck tools, etc.  
  • Supervise application of appropriate well control measures..
  • Supervise and plan rig moves and camp moves (Land).

Marine (for Offshore)

  • Monitor maintenance of vessel stability.
  • Plan operations with barge control.   
  • Supervise and perform jacking operation.  


  • Ensure preventive and planned maintenance programs, are carried out.
  • Keep equipment and systems operational .
  • Monitor rig equipment and systems usage.
  • Supervise testing and checking of equipment and systems.
  • Supervise activities to ensure rig structural integrity.
  • Living Environment and Services:
  • Oversee maintenance of sanitary living environment, food preparation, handling and storage.
  • Oversee rig medical operations. 
  • Oversee rig communications.

Emergency Duties

  • Secure well in emergency situation.
  • Direct kill operations.
  • Direct crew in other emergencies.
  • Direct crew in loss or rig stability. 
  • Make decision to evacuate/abandon the rig.
  • Direct other emergencies.

Key Accountabilities 2

Key Accountabilities 3

Relevant Experience/ Skills – Minimum

  • At least 8 years experience on land/offshore drilling rigs.  Of these 8 years, at least 2 years must be as Assistant Rig Superintendent or Rig Superintendent on a similar type rig.  
  • The individual must have demonstrated safety and supervisory skills. 
  • The individual must have completed the following training and experience; company's modular training and certification requirements.

Job Segment: Database, Offshore Oil, Technology, Energy