Mechanic Job

Business Unit:  Operations
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Job Type:  Addition
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Job Funtion

Engineering / Technical.


Assigned Work Location ( Offshore / Onshore)

Job Purpose / Objective

Assist the Chief Mechanic with the Maintenance, repairs and installation of all rig associated mechanical equipment. This includes compressors, and other equipment. Change oil and filters and lubricate all vehicles maintenance and repair of Rigs, Pumps, Motors, Engines and other mechanicals. 

Key Accountabilities 1

  • Under direction, operate, maintain and repair prime movers and other engines
  • Under direction, operate, maintain and repair two stage and four stage air compressor, heat exchangers and air dryers. 
  • Monitor and repair or replace regulators and all valves in air system
  • Under direction, repair pneumatic pipe hoisting and handling equipment
  • Under direction, maintain and repair draw works and associated components, rotary table, rotary transmissions and associated components. 
  • Under direction maintain and repair hydraulic drilling string torque system (E-Z torque), hydraulic power tongs, wireline hydraulic winch, hydraulic systems - pumps, motors etc
  • Under direction repair swivel
  • Under direction, operate, maintain and repair potable water makers, potable water pressure system, steam generator, hot water boiler system and circulating pumps, brake cooling system and pumps salt water service and engine cooling system and pumps, sanitation system and pumps
  • Chemically treat and analyze water system
  • Under direction, maintain and repair power end of mud pumps, centrifugal pumps in mud circulation and conditioning system and repair mechanical components of mud conditioning equipment
  • Service and repair vacuum pump
  • As directed, inspect and service cranes (mechanical components)
  • Service auxiliary (cession) deck crane (where applicable).
  • Under direction, maintain and repair centrifugal ballast pumps
  • Maintain and repair anchor windlass
  • Repair mechanical components of motor operated valves in ballast system
  • Maintain and repair pneumatic fail safe ballast sea chest valves
  • Maintain and repair mechanical components of davit and propulsion system of lifeboats
  • Service thrusters (propulsion system) and associated equipment (where applicable)
  • Maintain and repair jacking system (where applicable)
  • When directed, assist other departments in equipment maintenance, repair or operation
  • Operate, install, maintain and repair additional or temporary mechanical equipment used for special operations
  • Service and repair forklift cranes, trucks or other vehicles
  • Maintain correct operation, maintenance and repair of fuel system
  • Maintain and repair drill water pumps
  • Repair hydraulic load cells
  • Service hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Use blue-prints and hydraulic, pneumatic and electric schematics
  • Read precision instruments such as micrometers, Vernier calipers, bore gauges, and dial indicators
  • Perform machine work with lathe, drill press, grinding and surfacing equipment
  • Use hand tools and any other general shop equipment.
  • Use torch to do basic cutting
  • Collect information from assorted sources, such as composite catalog

Key Accountabilities 2

Key Accountabilities 3

Relevant Experience/ Skills – Minimum

  • Experienced in operating, maintaining, and repairing drilling equipment for 5+ years
  • Comprehensive knowledge of technical terminology associated with oil rig industry
  • Complete understanding of the safety procedures applied at job sites 
  • Ability to work adhering to company's mission and core values 
  • Excellent communication skills and physical fitness 
  • Flexible to work at any weather conditions and locations


Attention to Detail
Job Knowledge
HSE Standards Enforcement
Technical Skills
HSE Awareness and Communication
Work Environment/Safety


Defining Problems
Equipment Operation
Problem Solving

Job Segment: Offshore Oil, HVAC, Oil Rig, Mechanic, Hydraulics, Energy, Operations, Engineering