Derrickman Job

Business Unit:  Operations
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Job Type:  Addition
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Rig Base 

Job Purpose / Objective

Handles tubular goods while working in the derrick. Operates and maintains solids control equipment.

Key Accountabilities 1

  • The Derrickman is empowered and encouraged (he has the right and the responsibility) to “Stop the Job” if he feels that he has not received adequate specific instructions pertaining to the job task, does not know how to carry out a task or if he feels it is unsafe to proceed for any reason. He must report to the Driller or AD.
  • Responsible and accountable for complying with AD QHSE Policies, Requirements, Procedures, Standard Work Instructions and Check Lists when conducting AD Business and Operations.
  • Lead by example, enforce and encourage his colleagues in the STOP process and implementation of the QHSE Policies and Procedures. Plays an active role in safety meetings.
  • Responsible for DROPs inspection: Pump room, Pit room, Sack room, Forklift.
  • Suggest improvements to existing standards, processes, and systems. AAR in the JSA.
  • Inform AD or Driller of any incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations.
  • Lead an effective Pre-Job Safety meeting with the crew, review SWI, SOP and CL, especially before tripping operations, mixing chemicals, mud pump maintenance and other mud handling / process equipment. Prepare PTW when needed.
  • Ensure that the Belly board has been equipped with Derrickman’s work belt and fall arrestor.
  • Derrickman will not commence work unless full PPE including impact gloves, chin-strapped helmet, safety harness, stabbing board belly belt and fall arrestor is worn correctly, verbal / visual confirmation required by Driller.
  • Check condition of rope passing through the 2-D ring for any wear/tear. Length of rope must not be too short or long.
  • Ensure that correct size TDS elevators or elevator inserts are used when handling tubulars.
  • Derrickman must keep eye on main elevators, top drive, and block movements. 
  • Ensure effective communication and co-ordination between Driller and Floormen when handling tubulars in derrick.
  • Clean and arrange the belly board to avoid trip hazards and slippery surfaces specially if working with oil base mud.
  • Manila rope to secure / tie off the tubular stands is available and ready.
  • Remove any unnecessary tools or equipment from the belly board to avoid any DROPS potential hazards.
  • Drifting stands from derrick and use only API drifts. Check drift size as mentioned in Tubular Performance Sheet. 
  • When working at stabbing board during casing operations, folds back the extension platform to get clear of the blocks.
  • Ensure Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for every chemical are available on the rig and posted at mixing area. 
  • Ensures Hazardous chemicals are locked in a special container or cages, obtain approval and key to access. 
  • Standing orders from Mud Engineer for type and quantity of chemicals to be mixed.
  • Maintains the condition of the drilling fluid. Informs the Driller or AD of any problems or unexpected variations in the drilling fluid, mud properties, and pit level.
  • Responsible and in charge of recording pit volumes with mud weight and viscosity every 30 minutes from the commencement of shift.

Key Accountabilities 2

  • Calculate the amount of drilling fluid needed to fill the drilled hole; and volume returns to active pit after a slug is pumped.
  • Recognize warning signs of kicks. 
  • Ensure correct Personal Protective Equipment is available in mixing area (PPE box). 
  • Review MSDS with personnel for mixing and ensure that they wear the correct PPE and are aware of the First Aid.
  • Ensure that eyewash stations and showers are working, especially before mixing chemicals.
  • Ensure personnel for mixing know how to operate the mixing equipment and how to work safely around the equipment.
  • Operate Forklift in a safe manner.
  • Report spillage of chemicals to the Mud Engineer, AD and Driller. Contain and clean up as per MSDS.
  • Be thorough with High Pressure and Low-Pressure mud line ups.
  • Perform Daily Checks and PMS on all mud handling equipment. Ensure that equipment is working correctly. 
  • Monitors the high-pressure mud pumps, making certain that the condition, fluid levels, lubrication, and calibration of the equipment is correct.
  • Ensures that mud weight and viscosity is recorded at the shakers at the beginning of shift and every 30 minutes after.
  • Ensure shakers are dressed with correct screens and mentioned on the display board. Assist in Shaker Screen inventory.
  • Provide occasional relief to the Floorman on the drill floor or Pumpman in pump room.
  • Assist drilling department and crew as directed by the Driller.
  • Prepares handover notes for relief in accordance with Arabian Drilling Handover requirements.
  • Maintains a clean and safe area.

Key Accountabilities 3

Relevant Experience/ Skills – Minimum

  • Minimum of 3-4 years of experience as Derrickman in a drilling company.
  • Basic English communication and comprehension, especially to review SWI, SOP, CL, JSA for Job Planning.


Training/ Development
Planning and Organising
Planning & Orgnizing
HSE Awareness and Communication



Job Segment: Inspector, Quality